Catch us at these conferences!

Published: September 9, 2019

Catch us at these conferences!

At Jumping Rivers we’re always to want to branch into the data science community, and so this year we’re going to quite a few conferences in the autumn. You can catch us at:

GSS (Government Statistical Service) Conference - Edinburgh

From the 1-2 October, our very own Esther Gillespie (CEO) and Seb Mellor (Data Engineer) will be attending the GSS conference in Edinburgh. If you see them, feel free to chat or ask for some merch! Unfortunately, there are no tickets available for this one.

EARL - London

EARL London boasts a very strong line up of speakers, from Sainsbury’s to Stack Overflow. We’re sponsorsing this one so expect a big Jumping Rivers presence. We’ve got Esther, Colin Gillespie (Project Manager) and Rhian Davies (Data Scientist) attending.

From the 10-12 September you’ll be able to catch them 3 heading up our stall, where you can pop by for a chat about or for a coaster!

If you’ve still not grabbed yourself a ticket, you’ll have to do it pretty soon!

Why R? - Warsaw

In just a couple of weeks time, Jumping Rivers will be going international! Four of our team will be crossing borders into Warsaw for the annual Why R? conference. If you like the sound of it, grab yourself a ticket!

Who’s going? Myself (Theo Roe, Data Scientist), Colin, Roman Popat (Data Scientist) and Jack Walton (Data Scientist) will be attending. If you see us feel free to stop us for a chat, and grab one of infamous Jumping Rivers coasters!

As a treat, I’m doing a workshop on Friday morning titled “Shiny basics”. I’m also talking in the 10-11:20am Saturday Shiny session about a recent project we took on at Jumping Rivers, titled Improving the communication of environmental data using Shiny.

You can catch Colin talking in the Sunday 15:05-16:05pm Vision 1 session. His talk is titled Hacking R as a script kiddie. This is about the relatively easy hacks that can be performed to access systems, as data science moves away from local machines to the cloud.

Thanks, and hope to see you there!