Online R, Python & Git Training!

Published: March 16, 2020

Online R, Python & Git Training!

Hey there!

Here at Jumping Rivers, we have the capabilities to teach you R, Python & Git virtually. For the last three years we have been running online training courses for small groups (and even 1 to 1).

How is it different to an in-person course?

It’s the same, but also different! The course contents is the same, but obviously the structure is adapted to online training. For example, rather than a single long session, we would break the day up over a couple of days and allow regular check-in points.

For the courses, we use This provides screen-sharing for both instructor and attendees, none of the interactivity is lost.

What about IT restrictions?

Don’t worry! If your current IT security/infrastructure is a problem, we have two solutions:

  1. Training can be done using cloud services. We can provide a secure RStudio server or Jupyter notebook environment just for your team. This means attendees simply have to log on to our cloud service to be able to use the appropriate software and packages.
  2. We have a fleet of state of the art Chromebooks, available to post to attendees. Each Chromebook comes with all required software and packages pre-installed. A microphone headset can also be provided if necessary.

What is the classroom size?

We have a maximum online classroom size of 12, including the instructor. Attendees will get the opportunity for a follow-up “virtual coding clinic”, split into smaller class sizes, in order to enquire about anything related to the course or how they can apply it to their work.

If you would like to enquire about virtual training, either email or contact us via our website.