Data Architecture & Security

Managing your data infrastructure

The days of small and simple data sets, stored in the humble Excel spreadsheet, are rapidly being banished to the confines of history. At Jumping Rivers we can help you transition from dated storage solutions, to modern, scalable, and cost-effective cloud-based solutions. We have experience working with all the major cloud providers, and using them to optimise custom data pipelines.

Security review

Nothing is more important than the security of your data and its surrounding systems. Jumping Rivers can provide a comprehensive security review of your cloud infrastructure, applications and data pipelines. With experience in cybersecurity, audit and compliance, we can provide infrastructure hardening, vulnerability scanning, security posture assessment and consultancy on how to provide the highest level of data security for your organisation.

Managing your data infrastructure

The days of simple data sets, stored in small Excel spreadsheets, are rapidly disappearing. At Jumping Rivers, we can leverage a wealth of experience in data and infrastructure engineering in order to provide advice and consultancy on your existing data infrastructure, assistance with building out your data platform and designing and optimising your data pipelines.