Data Science & Machine Learning

Creating clarity with your data

Data comes in all shapes and sizes. It can often be difficult to know where to start. Whatever your problem, Jumping Rivers can help. Our team has an exceptionally strong background in data science and machine learning, having published over seventy publications in top-quality journals.

Case Study: Cutting edge machine learning

  • Each week the company generated thousands of data sets that had a spatial, temporal and experimental component. Their data structure is unique - around 10,000 voltage curves distributed on a disk.
  • Using state-of-the-art algorithms and methods, we were able to automatically assess the data quality and remove any rogue readings.
  • New experimental formulations were generated, significantly reducing time to market.

We can help you implement

  • Cutting-edge machine learning techniques ranging from random forests to neural-nets.
  • Traditional statistical methods, such as regression, experimental design and time series.
  • Fast, accurate inferences.

Make the most of your data

Our focus is always on interpretability, we’ll help you build a model that is appropriate for your data, and that you can understand. Machine learning is only the first step on your data path. We’ll build a robust data pipeline that will automatically update your model.