R, Python and Stan

Production ready code

Jumping Rivers are a leading consulting firm in the R, Python and Stan data science world. Our expertise ranges from predictive modelling to developing secure, robust data pipelines. Our data scientists and engineers can help you at every step of the way.

We understand the need for code to be robust, reproducible and reliable. Our team can work with you to productionise your code, packaging your software into modules and writing comprehensive test suites. We can help you develop internal processes for moving from testing to production, with a strong emphasis on continuous integration and deployment.

Case Study: NWL Water Explorer

  • Northumbrian Water ran a Hackathon aiming to minimise leakage. With the help of R and Shiny, we developed the winning solution.
  • Using a combination of Docker, R and Shiny, we developed a dashboard that allowed engineers to access all the relevant data, quickly and efficiently.
  • This enabled engineers to quickly assess the situation when a leak occurred and minimise leakage.

Continuous integration

If you’ve ever used the phrase, ‘but it worked on my machine’, you’ll realise how frustrating it can be to make code work reliably in multiple locations. Continuous Integration or CI is the backbone of all good production environments and aims to provide a standardised build environment that will ensure that your code is portable and dependable.

However, getting started with CI can be daunting. We can provide assistance and move your code from your laptop to a variety of CI systems, such as GitHub Action, GitLab CI and Apache Airflow.