Need to get value from your data?

Ready to remove information overwhelm?

Want to get the edge on your competition?

Jumping Rivers offers consultancy that enables you to:

Extract relevant details

Uncover actionable insights

Drive business critical decisions from your data with ease

Become an authority in your field and a thought leader in your niche, gaining a powerful advantage over your competitors.

Why Jumping Rivers?

We’ll work with you to create clear, dynamic dashboards that help you get straight to the data you need and uncover the high-quality results you’re looking for, fast.

Manipulate your data with confidence, reduce information overwhelm, and prepare for the future of work.

The benefits of our consultancy?

  • A clear and supported starting point.
  • The external insight to help solve business-critical problems
  • The experience to solve extraordinary complexities
  • The confidence to move beyond the abilities of your current software
  • The ability to extract unwieldy data
  • The knowledge to interrupt and disrupt recurring problems
  • The ability to free yourself and your team from repetitive and labour intensive tasks
  • The end of information overwhelm
  • Additional career security
  • Help and confidence to move forward

Who do we work with?

Our knowledge can be used to great effect across all sectors. Our analytics is a powerful asset in any business where existing software like Excel is incapable of handling the quantities of big data that need to be analysed.

Whether you need support in the early stages of a business, or you’re established and want to refine your processes, we can help you to crunch your data and statistics in seconds, freeing you to realise opportunities and grow your business.

“At Jumping Rivers we’ve helped innovative companies bring their products to market ahead of schedule, supported manufacturers to reduce their fail rates and restructured the delivery of confidential documents across the financial sector.”

Esther Gillespie, Director

Expert support, today and tomorrow

Our consultancy helps you find ways in which data will optimise your systems, products or services. With Jumping Rivers, you can stay ahead, predict and exceed changes in your marketplace – and use data to drive your future success.

Why work with us?

We can see the benefits that our consultancy brings to businesses. We see the increase in job satisfaction we can create, the speed with which our clients can execute laborious workflow tasks and the results they can realise with the support of our data insights.

When you work with us, you access a wealth of experience gained in both academia and industry. The relevance of our experience means that we have an agile approach to our work ¬– and can apply advanced learning where we can see its relevance and benefits.

We bring this experience to your business and apply it in ways that we know are transformative and that future-proof organisations.



The first part of any analysis is getting to know you. We will take the time to understand "stale" part of your process that is prohibiting progress. We will asses what improvements you can benefit from, be this greater efficiency, predictions, reporting visualisations or all of these. It is also important that a plan is set into action. We will prescribe a pathway to the most efficient approach to achieving your overall goal.


To get the best results from your data, it needs to be up to scratch. We will take an in-depth look at how you are recording your data and what you are recording. From there we can analyse whether it would be in your best interests to record more, less or different data. We will also assess how you can optimise the recording process.


As humans, we find it easier to understand a picture than a collection of numbers. This is why visualising your data is the most important step to understanding your data. Trends and patterns are easier to spot through visualising. R and Python provide fantastic, intuitive and effortless packages such as **ggplot2** and **seaborn** for visualising data. Our consultants are experts in such packages.


It is hugely to important to understand the direction in which your business is heading. What will your data look like in an hours time? How will sales look in two months time? Predictions aren't just chained to sales either, examples include scheduling workforces, deliveries, testing times and new product development. With a combination of R and our experienced trainers, you will be able to build a strategic business plan backed by the accurate predictions built on your data by the latest machine learning techniques.


Reporting plays a crucial role in how your business utilises the results at hand. If results are poorly reported, it is easy for a business to misconstrue what they mean. R provides a seamlessly easy interface for producing reports and graphics from your data. Tired of making the same report every month? The automatic report feature will save you and your business countless hours.


Having helped you through all of the above steps, it is crucial that we provide you with ongoing support to ensure your visualisations, predictions and reports are kept to the highest standard. This can be any method that suits you and your team, be this in person or online, whilst also being about any topic you would like to further enquire about. A lot of business' take this time with us to analyse their own code.


We’ll work with you to humanise machine learning, put an end to laborious spreadsheet-surfing and show you how you can use data to transform your business.

Are you ready to create clarity and reveal opportunities with R?


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