Electrics Company: Applying Machine Learning Tools to Highlight Anomalous Data

The Challenge Over the last two years, we have been working with a cutting edge electronics company to build advanced algorithms using R and Python. Since they are at the research & design stage of the development process, their data structure is unique and challenging. Each week they generate thousands of data sets that have a spatial, temporal and experimental component. Their data structure is unique - around 10,000 voltage curves distributed on a disk.

Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

The Challenge The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries required a platform that would allow their students to undertake examinations which had an R programming element, but which did not need students to download or install any software. Their project began in January 2018 and went live one month later on Feb 25th 2018. The IFoA platform was required to: Provide an access point to each examination a student was due to undertake Carry all additional packages and exam materials Allow the submission of exam solutions In addition, and due to the remote nature of the examination procedure, there was a desire for the examination administrators to be able to monitor the current status of their students so they could identify:

The (Delayed) 2019 Training Review

Don’t we all miss 2019 (blame Covid for the long delay in this post). The days of going to work and seeing your work colleagues face to face - and for some of you, attending one of our on-site training courses! 2019 was a great year for us. Not only have we broken new boundaries, we have recruited new full-time staff which have furthermore contributed to the glowing success of the company.